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Swim4Dylan Training Begins

AquaticChimpby AquaticChimpJun 19th 2012
As soon as I'd decided to complete some sort of sponsored swim, I began planning and training for the event. The decision to complete some sort of swim was made in the winter, so jumping straight into open water swimming would have to wait. So I was left with pool training.

I checked Redditch Swimming Club website and soon found that the club had Adult training at the pool local to me on Wednesday evenings. So the decision was made. That Wednesday I went to the pool, to find that none other than David coached there. I donned my newly acquired swimming jammers, some old goggles I'd found lying around the house and climbed into the shallow end, in a lane all to myself. The water still felt very familiar, even though I wasn't there to mess around, swimming underwater, breath holding, I was there to try out the strokes, see how they felt. I had every intention of pushing myself, see what times I could do, see how long I could go.

I pushed off the wall and started with a couple of lengths gentle front crawl. Swimming would appear to be like riding a bike, you don't forget. The stroke felt good, bi-lateral breathing still felt natural, I could still feel the purchase on the water with every pull. I was now warmed up and ready to try the other strokes and to start pushing.

Next up was breaststroke, never my forte, and still wasn't. Didn't feel bad, but not as good as I used to be (and that was average at best). Backstroke next, felt OK, but strange in that I'd forgotten what it was like to look out for landmarks above you to work out where you are in the water. Luckily the roof of the pool has a square patterning, so it was simple enough to go straight (if I was going straight that is). The pool leaves flags across the shallow end of the pool, so I knew I was near the end of the length. The deep end required some spotting though. Lastly was butterfly. Could I still butterfly and move through the water with some grace, rather than a big splash going the length of the pool. Would I look like I'm showing off? "Sod it", I thought, here goes. Push off the wall, vigorous double leg kick for quarter of the length, my shoulders surfaced, pull round, down and back, then both arms over the water, and pull again, whilst gasping for my first lungful of air. Keep kicking, keep pulling, keep breathing, keep nodding between breaths. It felt good, I was shifting ... ... I was tiring, one length and I was shattered. Maybe leave the butterfly for now. I hadn't forgotten it, it still felt good, and for some reason still made me smile doing it.

I soon realised that breaststroke would be my way of recovery. I moved through the water, but felt like I could do it forever, always getting plenty of breath and felt relaxing to do it, so 100M Breaststroke to get my breath back.

I then decided to spend the remaining time doiing some timed 50 metre sprints with decreasing rest between each sprint. I didn't realise how unfit I was. I used do hours of sprints, now, after 6 - 8 my lungs were burning, my heart was pounding away in my chest. Maybe I'll stick to breaststroke for a bit. So I did 100 metres breaststroke, 100 metres frontcrawl, etc.

My first hour back in the pool had been very productive and eye opening. Time to plan some training properly.
SwimBlogsby member: SwimBlogs, Jun 20th 2012 18:43
Good to have a goal in mind, helps to keep you motivated. Your blog looks great I enjoyed reading it! Breaststroke not my forte either.
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