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The Olympic Path
A 16 year old swimmer coaches herself for the Olympics.

A little bit about me

NadoErgoSumby NadoErgoSumOct 27th 2010
So, I have started to blog. This is certainly interesting. A little information about me:
1)I am a sprinter, in all strokes. I love the 200 IM. It is the test of true endurance and amazingness (the 400 is just too, too hard and ridiculous)
2)I am inspired my Natalie Coughlin, Katie Hoff, Jessica Hardy, Ryan Lochte, Tyler Clary, and Michael Phelps.
3)I am going to win 9 gold medals in the 2012 Olympics.
4)My mom hates getting up for morning practice.
5)I do not currently belong to a team; I coach myself. This is a bit challenging.
6)I heart Taylor Swift, and tobyMac can't fail to make me smile.
7)My favorite color is teal.
8) I am a health nut, and love fruit.
9) Gatorade rocks.
10) I originally joined swim team so that I would have something in common with a guy I liked. I still like him, he still hasn't asked me out, but I can swim a whole lot better, and have new dreams and goals in life thanks to him. Thank you for that, even if you do break my heart every time you smile at me with your beautiful grey eyes.
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kathleen14maaliby member: kathleen14maali, Aug 29th 2011 13:07
one thing is for sure when olympic was going on in china many of the nations like Tibet, and such small parts of the world was not happy.
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anthenastanleyby member: anthenastanley, Nov 8th 2011 12:07
Good to know about this.

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abbabbaby member: abbabba, Nov 16th 2012 00:21
how long have you been swimming?
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