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End of the season

overtaquatixby overtaquatixSep 25th 2010
Today I had a lovely time at the OneMileSwim at Roadford Lake in Devon. The swim is held in aid of Hospiscare, a local charity. It's a beautfiul venue and again the weather gods looked down kindly on a gloriously sunny (but quite chilly) day with barely a breath of wind.

And with that event, the season (for me) draws to a close. It's quite a busy weekend with The Wales Swim at Tenby on Friday, the OneMileSwim and Swim the Mencap Mile (Dorney Lake, Eton) both on Saturday, and the Great Salford Quays Swim (no prizes for guessing the venue) and the final race in the 3.8km AquaSphere Powered Long Swim Series (also Dorney Lake) to be held tomorrow. But the temperatures start to drop and there are no more open water swims (that I have been able to find) this year. And the first swim that I can find in 2011 is in June, the best part of 9 months away.

Sadly, we don't live in the greatest part of the world for Open Water Swimming, so we have to buckle down in the pool to keep the fitness levels and speed up. The Aspire Channel Swim helps to motivate me to get back in the pool on Monday, but after that the evenings are dark and it gets even harder to persuade myself that it is all worthwhiile. Still, I cannot afford to slip any further down the rankings or build up any more seal-blubber around the waistline. So I will do everything I can to get to the pool as often as possible.
KarlosGambill6by member: KarlosGambill6, Aug 10th 2011 08:35
Quite an interesting post, like the way share your experience with us. Looking forward for it. Was wondering are you a professional swimmer?

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davianmcllmby member: davianmcllm, Sep 3rd 2011 12:02
It was a nice end to a pre season that had a rough start after he was called out by offensive coordination, well thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us..

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BrentSimpsonby member: BrentSimpson, Sep 6th 2011 06:24
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AnnaCarrby member: AnnaCarr, Sep 23rd 2011 14:04
Sport is not the easiest of things to do no matter what age, what size you are and believe me, the month I have just had has been one of the most intense of my life.

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AnnaCarrby member: AnnaCarr, Sep 23rd 2011 14:04
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SwimBlogsby member: SwimBlogs, Jul 18th 2012 10:12
Great blog, have you any new targets for this season overtaquatix?
OneMileSwim coming to a lake in Devon soon
overtaquatixby overtaquatix Sep 23rd 2010
On Saturday morning (25Sep) I will be joining the 300+ participants in the OneMileSwim at Roadford Lake. It is primarily a fund-raising event for local charity Hospiscare, but it is being properly chip timed this year. I swam the event last year ...
Triple Counting
overtaquatixby overtaquatix Sep 20th 2010
Well, on Saturday I will be doing the One Mile Swim in aid of Hospiscare at Roadford Lake in Devon. It's an open water swim so hard to count the lengths, even if the distance is officially measured. So, here is the quandary. While I raise money ...
Double counting - all for charidee, mate
overtaquatixby overtaquatix Sep 16th 2010
As I mentioned on Monday I am swimming the Channel (figuratively) for Aspire. And since the beginning of April I have been logging my time for who are raising money to fight cancer. The section below is taken directly from t...
Aspire Channel Swim starts today
overtaquatixby overtaquatix Sep 13th 2010
OK. It's not a real Channel Swim. And it's not really Open Water either. The challenge is to complete the channel distance (22 miles) within a 12 week period and raise money for the Aspire Charity. You can do this in many or as few sessions as ...
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