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Bustinskin Big Bay Series Swim 3

overtaquatixby overtaquatixSep 5th 2010
This morning I had a great time at a very enjoyable and friendly event near Weymouth. The swim actually took place at the Sailing Academy in Portland.

The event offered 2 distances. A one lap 1.2 miles or a 2 lap 2.4 miles. The course was well marked out and supported by the relevant numbers of kayakers and a support boat.

Tthe conditions were mostly calm but it did get a bit choppy at the far end of the course and coming back into the sun made sighting a bit tricky. I finished the 1.2 miles in an OK 38:10 (so marginally under 2:00 per 100m pace) which meant I came in 10th. The lead swimmer in the 2.4 mile event finished not long after in a smart 55:00.

Timing was manual (shout out number and write time on clipboard) but for an informal (and very reasonably priced) event, this was the only drawback. The timing chips are quite pricey, so I guess this is a good compromise for a small club.

I am definitely looking forward to joining Bustinskin again in 2011 when they will be holding the Big Cove Series (also all in the Weymouth area).
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